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Beautiful view of Muong Thanh from train

The station is designed by a well-known architect, Bill Bensley. Its structure features European with variety of colors. The purpose of these windows is to get more natural light into the station hall. The arch roof has light spaces combined with floral decorations. The hallway is located right at the center of the town. From now to 31st December, the …

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Travel trip: Sapa

In November 2017 my friend came to visit me in Hanoi and we figured it would be a great opportunity to visit Sapa, as we both were keen on exploring that part of Vietnam. First things first, getting there. Our initial plan was to go by motorbike but since the distance was longer than anticipated we looked into other options, …

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Tips on your trip to Fansipan

Fansipan is called “the roof of Indochina”, the highest peak in Indochina as well as in Vietnam with height of 3143m. The mountain is belonged to Hoang Lien Son range, located 9km away from Sapa town on the southwest. There are up to 1680 species of flora, some of them are precious and 327 fauna species. Fansipan and Hoang Lien …

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9 Things to Know before Visitting Sapa

As one of the best destinations in north Vietnam along with Ha Long Bay, Hanoi and Ha Giang, Sapa has so much to offer. There are nine of the things you will need to know before heading to this lovely town of Lao Cai, Vietnam. How to get there There are to way to get to Sapa – by bus …

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Flower by season and region in Vietnam

hoa tam giac mach

Travelling around the world to see flower is the dream of many travelers. However, the time of the nicest blossoms varies by region. If you wish to enjoy the most beautiful flower seasons in Vietnam, this post will help you create a perfect travel plan. Hanoi – Hoa sua (Milk Flower) Hanoi has various kinds of flower but hoa sua …

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Sky view of Vietnam

view of Vietnam from sky

Vietnam is a small country but possesses spectacular and diverse landscapes from South to North. What interests me is that not the government but the individuals are the ones bringing Vietnam’s beauty to the world. It’s not frequent to see a quality clip of Vietnam made by tourism department but people sometimes get excited with amazing clips captured Vietnam’s landscapes …

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Project “Vietnam is awesome” by Zoomations

vietnam is awesome

Zoomations (established in 2013) is a group of young Vietnamese film-makers who are passionate about travelling. The groups have traveled across country and captured dramatic landscape of each place they visited. Not keep the photos for themselves, these young people decided to start a non-profit project “Vietnam is awesome” to share clips on country’s landscape with purpose of introducing nature …

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Ham Rong Mountain, wonderful flower garden in Sa Pa

Not only is the most perfect location to view Sa Pa, Ham Rong Mountain is also a royal garden with a collection of different flower types blooming throughout the year. Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most popular attractions in Sa Pa. Owing to be at the heart of the town, behind Sa Pa stone cathedral, anyone traveling to Sa Pa spend …

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Sa Pa travel in winter weather

A holiday in Sa Pa on a cool days of late autumn is always good suggestion for visitors who love exotic natural landscape of beautiful highland. The wintry weather in Hanoi in late autumn seems to be not favorable but it is very ideal to travel to Sapa. Sa Pa is a popular tourist attraction in Northern region with stunning …

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10 most highly-priced hotels in Vietnam

If you are planning a luxurious holiday in Vietnam, the following hotels may  be a good reference.  Evason Hideaway The most expensive hotel is Evason Hideaway, a 5-star hotel in Ninh Van bay, just 15 minute boat ride away from Nha Trang. Evason Hideaway has 54 villas constructed by paved roads, beautiful beaches with blue sea, white sand and majestic …

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