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Project “Vietnam is awesome” by Zoomations

vietnam is awesome

Zoomations (established in 2013) is a group of young Vietnamese film-makers who are passionate about travelling. The groups have travelled across the country and captured a dramatic landscape of each place they visited. Not keep the photos for themselves, these young people decided to start a non-profit project “Vietnam is awesome” to share clips on country’s landscape with the purpose of introducing nature and people of Vietnam to both locals and foreigners. “It’s a misconception to think that Vietnam remains poor and has no tourist appeal. People will change their mind about Vietnam after watching our clips”, said Phuoc Led, a group’s member.
A four-minute-long clip about Da Nang is the first product of Zoomations made to express their special love for the city from which some members come. The clip emerged online on 1st March 2015 and soon became a sensation. Let’s take a look at the clip:

In September 2015, the group had an amazing trip in Sapa, a frontier township in northwest Vietnam. It’s also the place where they released the second clip namely ” Sapa is Awesome”. The group members are working to improve their project in order that they can launch two or three quality video clips each year.

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