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10 most favourite street dishes of Hanoi

CNN tourism site has introduced the 10 most attractive street dishes of Hanoi  recommended by tourists. Let’s discover what these dishes are. Hanoi is supposed to be the heaven of street foods. Thus, it is ideal destination for those who want to explore local foods. In fact, many people believe delicious dishes of Hanoi can only be found at street-food …

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“Ô Mai” – A yummy nosh

Many people know and like enjoy “ô mai” (dry apricot) as a yummy nosh. In Vietnam, “ô mai” (dry apricot) of Hang Duong in Hanoi is well-known all over the country thanks to its special and delicious taste. It is made by traditional method from choosing materials to complete the product. Makers gather all crop of kinds of sour fresh …

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Vietnamese special food

Cultural traditions and cuisine of Vietnam is very rich and diverse, with bold ethnic identity. Some typical dishes as: 1. Pho (noodle soup) There are many kind call it beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup… You can have a bowl of noodle soup everywhere in Vietnam, but it is almost famous in Hanoi. From the garnish tray, add a squeeze …

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