Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Many people know and like enjoy “ô mai” (dry apricot) as a yummy nosh. In Vietnam, “ô mai” (dry apricot) of Hang Duong in Hanoi is well-known all over the country thanks to its special and delicious taste. It is made by traditional method from choosing materials to complete the product. Makers gather all crop of kinds of sour fresh fruit and main material for dry apricot processing like plum, apricot, dracontomelum, tamarind, kumquat, lemon, prunes, toad, peach, blueberries, warrant, mango, jack fruit, apple, pineapple…Then, with their own traditional secret, experts plus sugar, ginger, add chilli, stir liquorice to have smooth yellow food with sweet-smelling.

This product is for instant all year and you can enjoy with a pot of tea and a few friends to chat. That is a favorite and yummy nosh for many people in Hanoi as well as other provinces and even it also a small valuable gift from Hanoians  giving to their friends.

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