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10 most favourite street dishes of Hanoi

CNN tourism site has introduced the 10 most attractive street dishes of Hanoi  recommended by tourists. Let’s discover what these dishes are.

Hanoi is supposed to be the heaven of street foods. Thus, it is ideal destination for those who want to explore local foods. In fact, many people believe delicious dishes of Hanoi can only be found at street-food stalls.gastronomy. These street dishes are often served with fish sauce, fresh vegetables and other herbs. However, sitting on plastic chairs at street-food stalls seems to be not suitable to foreigners.

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1. Bun cha (Vermicelli and  grilled chopped meat)

Bun cha is the very delicious and available food which is wonderful choice for lunch. Pieces of meat are grilled over charcoal, served with fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and lemon, making a kind of delicious sauce accompanied by salad and rice vermicelli.Bun cha provides you a boost of added energy. Its flavor is more perfect with the addition of garlic and chilly. Tourists can taste this dishes at 34 Hang Than street, Hanoi.

2. Pho (Noodles)

Being considered as the home of Pho, Pho in Hanoi is well known worldwide with the combination of noodles, broth and herbs. It is not a surprise when Pho is such a famous dish. There are two famous types of Pho: Beef and Chicken Pho. Vietnamese people often have Pho for breakfast. Thus, Pho restaurants often open from early morning till the middle of it. Almost international tourists suppose that good Pho restaurants are often located at sidewalk.

3. Bun rieu cua (Rice noodle with sour crab soup)

The tasteful broth of Bun rieu cua is made of freshwater crabs and tomatoes, serving with noodles. Bun rieu cua is a colorful and attractive dish due to the brown of floating frozen crushed crab, the yellow of fried tofu and the purple of shrimp paste.  In addition, chili and fresh vegetables will make the dish more perfect.

4. Ga nuong (Grilled chicken)

Ly Van Phuc is the official name of a street in Hanoi but often called “Chicken Street”. This name comes from the fact that many people come to this street to enjoy grilled chicken everyday. Fragrant grilled chicken wings and feet, sweet potatoes, grilled honey baguette serving with chili sauce and cucumber in sweet vinegar are dishes listed in the menu of restaurants on this street.

5. Xoi nong (Fresh sticky rice)

In the morning, you can easily catch a sticky rice street trader in Hanoi. Sticky rice is very nutritive and popular  breakfast dish which is often wrapped in banana leaf. At present, there are a dozen types of sticky rice. It is served with crushed salted sesame or peanut , boiled white corn, and crisp-fried onion.

6. Café da ( Iced coffee)

Coffee and baguette are one of French traditional foods that imported into Vietnam. Coffee is grown in Vietnam and then roasted with oil or butter and made by percolator. Sitting at a coffee shop nearby street with a cup of iced coffee and watching busy streets is such an interesting and relaxing activity  in Vietnam.

7. Nem cua be ( Sea crap spring rolls)

You can easily find great variety of spring rolls in Vietnam but crap spring rolls made from fresh sea crap meat  is still the most outstanding. Not similar to other types of spring rolls, sea crap spring rolls are  wrapped in square shape before being fried. Sea crap spring rolls are known as specialty of Haiphong but it is also a delicious dish in Hanoi.

8.  Chao ca (Fish porridge)

If you want to warm your body up, nothing better than fish porridge. Therefore, if you are looking for a delicious breakfast in Hanoi, try a steaming hot bowl of fish porridge. Similar to Chinese soup, rice and cereals are cooked together until they turn into liquid. In Hanoi, fish porridge is served with green onion, fennel and some ginger slices.

9. Banh cuon (Rice flour steamed rolls)

Banh cuon has its origin from the north of Vietnam and imported into Hanoi long time ago. It is made of rice flour. It is covered by a thin layer steamed rice flour and its core filled with minced pork and wood ear mushroom. Banh cuon is usually served with sweet, spicy fish sauce, fried onion and herbs.This dish is preferable for breakfasts or supper at night.

10. Muc nuong (Grilled squid)

Dried squid is favorite snacks of local beer drinkers at outdoor street stalls. The squid is grilled on tiny brick chimneys stuffed with charcoal—and then threaded through with a skewer to keep them as flat as possible on top of the fire. The scent is unmistakable and overpowers even the exhaust from the motorbikes streaming past just inches away on the street: sweet, and with a mellow undertone of fishiness.

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