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Vietnam beauty won over foreign visitors

Journalist Lina Froh has come back from Vietnam and she could not hide her amazement at natural beauty of S-shaped country. The following is the content of her article on

Although Vietnam’s area is only equivalent to 3% United States’ mainland, what astonished me most are rich and diverse landscapes, from the endless shore with white sands and clear blue water to dense forests and imposing mountains appearing in thick floating clouds.

With over 2.025 mile coastline, it is not surprising when Vietnam owns so many beautiful beaches. And you will have no cause of complaint if you visit each of these beaches.

The largest coastal area in Vietnam may be Nha Trang coastal city, where is crowded with tourism boats during the daytime and animated parties in the night-time. If you ever missed the chance to Mianmi, this is the nearest place you can find similar atmosphere in Southeast Asia. The most beautiful beach is nearby the city. However, it is more interesting if you visit the offshore islands where you are able to freely discover magic world of the ocean. Beautiful settings with stunning coral reefs and thousands of schools of colorful fish will definitely lure you. An island trip gets much simpler with the cost of approximately USD 6.

Still, Vietnam’s coastline not only feature white sands and clear water but also blazing red sand dunes in other beaches such as Mui Ne. No matter how the way you play with the sand dunes, run or slide on it , their beauty fascinates you at the first sight. No need to fly to Africa, just walk for few minutes from kite flying spots on the beach, you could reach a charming sand dune in Mui Ne.

Aside from long coastline, Vietnam also has fascinating terraced rice fields, of which terraced rice fields in Sapa appeared 2000 years ago. They were manually made by ethnic people. Nowadays, they are still cultivated by H’Mong people. It is their main occupation to remain life for family and generations.

Tourists could explore terraced rice fields by trekking with H’Mong tour-guides and stay right at their house.

Ha Giang, an unspoiled beauty and not influenced by urbanization process. Coming here, you need to ask permission to stay over night and take photos of attractive landscapes.

The most suitable transport to travel in Ha Giang is motorbike. One of the most beautiful tracks in the world is Meo Vac. The tracks in Ha Giang often run round crevices surrounded by majestic mountains and valleys which have gorgeous scenery.

Perhaps the destination which has the most delicate beauty in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. The islands rising from immense sea look like a dragon wading into the water. In order to get close to the limestone islands, you may rent a kayak and cruise around the bay or simply sitting outside on the deck admiring stunning landscapes.


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