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From 1st July 2015, holders of UK, German, French, Italian, and Spanish passports are exempted from Vietnam visa if their stay does not exceed 15 days. However, this visa waiver only keeps up until 30th June 2016, so soon comes the “deadline”. There are many wonders in visitors’ mind, but basically “what would be Vietnam policy after June 30?” or “If entry date is before June but exit date is after June 30, will a visa be required?”.

DSC02970One great news is that the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism, h13234905_10204679145058737_432700998_oas recently sent proposal No. 1399/BVHTTDL-TCDL to the Prime Minister petitioning for the extension up to 5 years of free-entry and 30-days stay for each entry. There has been no official decision on the proposal; hence, it is most likely that regular visa policy will be applied after the end of June until further notice. Travellers from 5 Western European countries will get back to the decision-making process: whether to apply for the visa on arrival or visa at the embassies/consulates. For those who enter Vietnam before June 30 and leave after the closing date of visa exemption, no visa would be required to continue your stay since you are already granted visa-free. Just need to make sure your stay does not exceed the 15-days policy (Be noted: your entry date will be counted as day 1, it’s rather 15 “nights”).

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  1. Do you have a precise source concerning the fact that the visa exemption covers all stays less than 15 days *starting* before 30/6, even if they end after it ?


    • Hi E Jocelyn,

      There is no public source for the information. This is internal among the Immigration Department.

      • Mirja Annalena HOLST

        I’m also planning to enter on 30 June 2016. So, can I be sure not to get trouble with immigration at the airport? Is it definitive that I can enter without a visa?

        • Hi Mirja Annalena,

          Thanks for your question and I apologize for my tardy response.
          If your arrival date is 30 June 2016, yes you can enter Vietnam without visa and will get stamp on your passport which allows you to remain in the country up to 15 days. However, my suggestion is that you should check with the airlines first because some airlines have tightened rules and they may not let you get on board without visa since visa waive is coming close to deadline. Once the airlines is fine with your situation, you should be alright with Vietnam immigration at the airport.Hope this helps.

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