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Medical care and treatment are important everywhere. Whether you are in your home town or travelling to different places, you would call for medical help at any time. This is not an exception to foreign travellers in Vietnam.

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Since Vietnam is not an English – speaking country, looking for a hospital/clinic where competent doctors can understand English is not a simple job. Followings are medical addresses with English – speaking doctors or staff in Hanoi:

  1. Hanoi French Hospital

boomer-benefitsAdd:    1 Phuong Mai St, Dong Da District

Web:   www.hfh.com.vn

Email: administrator@hn.vnn.vn

Tel:     +84 4 35771100

Emergency:    +84 4 35741111

Mr Truong Kieu Nghi – Customer Services Manager

  1. International SOS Hanoi

Add:    1 Dang Thai Mai St., Tay Ho District

Web:   www.internationalsos.com.vn

Email: vncommunication@internationalsos.com

Tel:     +84 4 39340666

  1. Hanoi Family Medical Practice

Add:    298I, Kim Ma St., Ba Dinh District

Web:   www.vietnammedicalpractice.com

Email: Hanoi@vietnammedicalpractice.com

Tel:     +84 4 38430748

  1. Vinmec International Hospital

Add:    458 Minh Khai St, Hai Ba Trung District

Web:   www.vinmec.com

Email: customercare@vinmec.com

Tel:     +84 4 39743556

Hotline:           +84 4 39743558

Emergency:    +84 4 39744333

Ms Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy – Customer Services Manager

  1. Viet Sing International Clinic

Add:    Ground floor, Pacific Place 83B Ly Thuong Kiet St, Hoan Kiem District

Web:   www.vietsingclinic.com.vn

Tel:     +84 4 39438888

  1. International Department, Hanoi Medical University Hospital
  • Add: 3rd floor, 1 Ton That Tung Street, Dong Da District

Web:   http://benhviendaihocyhanoi.com/

Tel:     +84 4 35747788

  1. Vietnam-Korean Friendship Clinic, St. Paul Hospital

Korean doctors can speak English

Add:    12 Chu Van An, Dien Bien Ward, Ba Dinh District

Tel:     +84 4 38437231

  1. Hong Ngoc Hospital

There is no expatriate doctor but customer care section can speak English

Add:    55 Yen Ninh Street, Ba Dinh District

Web:   www.hongngochospital.vn

Tel:     +84 4 39275568


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  1. Very useful for many people: In addition you can go to the hospital, white law,

  2. Dear Vietnamvisa – easy,

    I read the article http://www.vietnamvisa-easy.com/blog/hospitals-for-foreigners-in-hanoi/ and there is an wrong information. International SOS had been rebranded as Raffles Medical (https://rafflesmedical.vn/en) with address 51 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi. Please kindly update your information:

    – Raffles Medical in Hanoi
    – 02436762222
    – Open from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM everyday


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