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Vietnam visa process for Jordanian citizens

vietnam visa procedure for jordanian

Most of the countries in Middle-East have many difficulties when apply for Vietnam visas, Jordan is no exception. Vietnam visa on arrival for Jordanian passport holders also requires more time, money and effort. One of the problems is that embassies of Vietnam in these countries do not have the authority to grant visa for local citizens. However, we are confident that we know the answers to all of your questions.

Why should you choose us?

Since there is currently no Embassy of Vietnam in Jordan territory, visa on arrival is the only way left for you to obtain one. We work closely with the Department of Immigration to ensure the accuracy of the information and minimize the risk of rejection. Our service is to achieve an approval letter in behalf of you. With this letter, you are allowed to enter Vietnam and get the real visa stamp at the airport.

Vietnamvisa-easy understands fully the many concerns Jordanian passport holders have when applying for a visa to Vietnam. At least, with us, your money is guaranteed to come back to you 100% in case the application failed. Not only you can find full and accurate visa information on our site but you can also ask us directly any question regarding to the whole visa process.

You can find our support via Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel, support email and hotline number +84 966 53 93 63 for more information.

Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA)

Step 1: Jordanian applicants are required to send scanned photo of passport which contains applicant’s personal data, visa type, supposed date of arrival, name of arrival airport to email [email protected]. Booking flights before getting approval is not recommended.

Step 2: A link for payment will be provided to you by us. Use your credit/debit card to pay the application fee. See the table below for our prices. When the payment is made, we will immediately process your application. In the case of rejection, money will be transferred back to your account.

Step 3: The standard processing time for Jordanians is 2 to 3 days. The approval letter will be sent to you with an entry-exit form. We are able to provide the urgent services, too. Please see the table below for our rates.

After receiving the letter, check several times for any errors. Get back to us as soon as possible for correction.

Step 4: At the airport, you will use this approval letter to get the real visa stamp on your passport. Submit original passport, print copy approval letter, 01 passport-sized photo and a completed entry-exit form (sent with the letter) at Landing visa/Visa upon arrival desk/counter. Stamping fees: single entry – $25, multiple entry – $50, only CASH accepted.

Vietnamvisa-easy prices and urgent services for Jordanian citizens (for 3-month multiple entry, urgent service is not available):

Visa type

Application fee

48 hours

8 hours

4 hours

2 hours

1-month single





1-month multiple





3-month single





3-month multiple






• Please notice that a particular group of nationals including Jordan cannot apply on our online system. Only through email, your application will be processed.
• With tourist visa, a sponsor is not required. Business visa applicants must obtain a sponsor from your Vietnamese business partner. Contact us for further information on particular case.
• Jordanian citizens are granted visa-free stay at Phu Quoc special economic zone for 30 days.
• Visa on arrival is only usable for travelers to Vietnam by air

Apply for Vietnam visa at an Embassy of Vietnam in Jordan

There is currently no Embassy of Vietnam on Jordan territory.

Embassy of Vietnam in countries near to Palestine: Israel, Egypt, Iraq & Kuwait

Please notice that the embassies of Vietnam that located in African and Middle-East countries do not grant Vietnam visa for local citizens as its service. But you can receive visa stamp which is pre-arranged and pre-approved by Vietnam Immigration Department via a travel agent at any Embassy of Vietnam

Contact details of Embassy of Vietnam in Israel:

Address: 4th floor, Beit Asia - 4 Weizman Street, Tel Aviv, Israel 

Telephone: 03-6966304; 03-6966311

Fax: 03-6966243

Email: [email protected]   


Working hours: Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 16:00. Friday: from 9:00 - 12:00.

If you cannot find information you need to obtain Vietnam visa for Jordan passport, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our staff is available 24 hours and happy to help.


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