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Can I buy another single entry visa to return to Vietnam

Im a UK citizens. I bought a single entry one month visa to Vietnam and spent 2 weeks there before going to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I would now like to return to Vietnam .Is it possible that I can buy another single entry visa and then go back into Vietnam?

How to apply a Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians? Is it legitimate?

Hi, we want to spend around 2 weeks in vietnam for our honeymoon from the 23 Apr - 2 May. Is it better to do it through the consulat or online? It's the first time we travel to Vietnam.  I'm worried if Vietnam visa online is legitimate. Also, can you advise how this works as I'm a little concerned. Anyways, we are Australians. Thanks in advance!

Vietnam visa on arrival online

Hi, we are Australian and Spanish. We are going to enter in Vietnam by flying to Hanoi from Taipei . We'll leave by land, off to Laos or Cambodia 2-3 weeks later. Is it possible to apply for the visa online anyway? Thank you,

Visa to Vietnam for British citizens

Hi, could you assist me in applying for a Visa to Vietnam? Dates of travel are April 15-22. I'm British. Is it possible to apply online.Many thanks,Richard

3 month multiple Vietnam visa

To whom ... I will now be arriving in Hanoi on Saturday, 29 March, so please let me know how I can pay for this and receive the approval by Friday, 22 March.I'd like to apply for 3 month multiple entry visa. Thanks in advance,

Vietnam visa extension for a couple days?

Hi, I'm in Vietnam at the moment. I really want to check out is Sapa on April 12-15. However, my visa expires on the 12th. So what's the best option for extending my visa a couple days?(It doesn't seem worth doing a visa run across the border for only a couple more days). Please help, thanks so much.

vietnam visa code

I am travelling to HCMC from Phnom Penh via land and would like to know the cheapest way of obtaining a visa. I think your site that offers a visa code i can apply for online, then take to a embassy for a stamp or do the same something. Thanks for any useful info on this.

Visa to Vietnam for Indian passport living in Singapore

Hi, I going for vacation to Hanoi and HCMC on 28th Mar till 1st Apr.How go about it and whats the total cost and documents required. For your information I will travelling to India on 17th Mar - 26th Mar. I live in Singapore on work permit. Please advice. Regards

Visa for Cambodia via land border

Hi, My wife and I are going to Vietnam for 4-6 weeks around the 18th March. We are UK residents but in Oz atm. Get to Bangkok on the 3/3 and then Cambodia on 10/3 and stay for a week. Where do we get our Vietnam Visas from bearing in mind we are arriving in vietnam by land from Cambodia? Can get get one at the border or do we pre arrange, online or just in Bangkok or Cambodia? Thank you in advance!

Vietnam visa for Indians living in Singapore

Hi I would like to apply for a 1 month single entry visa (Visa on arrival) for Vietnam for myself and my family. We are Indian citizens, resident in Singapore. Please can you advise if this is possible and if yes, what is the cost involved? Thanks.