Vietnam suspended visa issuance for all countries as of March 18,2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will keep updated when the ban is lifted. If you need to extend the stay in Vietnam, please contact us via email, hotline, skype or online chat box. We wish you stay safe and strong

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Vietnam visa for land entry from China

I found on the web site, there is a way to obtain visa to Vietnam on internet. It is convenient,easy, quick and cheap. Is this the visa to land in Hanoi, Danang, HCMC? if I will be able to use this visa once I will be arriving to Vietnam from China by car? Thanks

Cambodia visa requirements

Hi, My husband and me will be travelling to Vietnam in November and visiting Cambodia,will I need a multiple entry visa or can I get a visa for Cambodia while in Vietnam? Thanks

Vietnam visa requirements for USA citizens

I am holding valid USA passport and two way plane ticket to Dominican republic and Vietnam for a month stay. What documents,papers or requirements do i still need to present in the immigration? Do I need anything else? Many thanks

Cost for 1 month single tourist visa

Hello, What is your price of a one month tourist visa? Thank you!

visa for vietnam cost

Me and my wife are going to vietnam for a week ,can we buy our visa at airport when we land (australian citizens) or can we apply here? and how much it cost?

vietnam visa on arrival for indian citizens 2013

Do indian citizens still get visa on arrival?

japan change visa type

hi, wanna ask you a question. I applied for a single entry visa for me and my friend. We received the approval letter. But we have a problem due to a change in travel plans, we now need a multiple entry visa. How do I change the visa? thanks

Visa online application form usa

Hi, This email is from USA. I would like to visit Vietnam in October. Thank you for your notice. Would I apply this VISA via and get the visa on arrival? Regards,

1 year multiple entry vietnam visa

Hi,I wonder if I would like to order a 1 year multiple entry vietnam visa, is this possible from the site? thanks

getting a visa for vietnam

My husband and I are going to be visiting Vietnam as part of a cruise in late September. Can we apply for Visa on arrival for a Port. We will be arriving at Ha Noi on 30th.