Sun. May 26th, 2024

A day in the life of a fisherman in Vung Vieng

If you wish to run away from the heat of summer and daily grind of urban life, visit Vung Vieng for a perfect leisure holiday.

Coming to Vung Vieng, visitors are able to immerse in pristine nature, enjoy and watch lively local cultural values expressed through daily life of the native people or objects on display in gallery of Van Chai-Ha Long cooperative. More than that, tourists could rowing, fishing themselves, and then process those “products”  for their meals. There is a plethora of activities for tourists to partake in such as take a tour of stunning landscapes, visit uncrowded white sandy beaches, admire incredible beauty of the sunrise and sunset at the sea… For all of these reasons, Vung Vieng is always a favorite destination of many people, especially in hot summer.

By Fiona

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