Tue. May 28th, 2024

Citadel of Ho Dynasty Takes the First Place of World’s Greatest Heritage Sites

CNN has announced the list World’s Greatest Heritage Sites and the first place is dominated by Ho Citadel of Vietnam. This is a unique building in Thanh Hoa province, located 150 km away from Hanoi to the South. Earlier, in 2011, it was recognized as World Culture Heritage by UNESCO. Let’s find out some interesting information about this heritage to better understand what makes it particular.

Citadel of Ho Dynasty was built in 1397 in only 3 months according to the feng shui principles, specifying the Don Son and Tuong Son mountain range that protects the valley. The citadel has nothing other than four walls stretching almost one kilometre on each side. These 600-year-old walls are all constructed of massive blocks of stone representing an outstanding development of architectural technology of Southeast Asia. Parts of the wall have been covered with grass and shrubs, but that somehow makes the site more mysterious. Encompassed within the walls is a pictorial scene of corn and paddy fields, ponds and dirt tracks.




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