Deal with lost passport while travelling

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There is a fact that many travelers lose their passport when traveling abroad and some people don’t know how to do to deal with this problem. How to avoid this? Let’s find out some tips.

Prepare passport photos (white background) and store them in a safe place, absolutely not grip in your passport. In case your passport is lost, you will not have to run around and look for a photo studio

Make copies of your passport and any other important documents. Give a copy to a family member or friend, or keep an electronic copy where you can access it while traveling.

Write down the address and phone number of Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in the country you are traveling to in a handbook.

When losing passport, the first thing you have to do is stay calm, do not panic. After that, try to review the places you have gone by, come back to that place to look for your passport. If you do not find it out, report it to the local police. After leaving police station, contact to the nearest embassy/consulate to ask about procedure of renewing passport and the way to get to the office of Embassy/Consulate.

Keep your money and credit card in different places. If you lose your passport and bags or wallet, you could use the backup money to spend for your trip.

Buy tourism insurance before departure is always a good idea because it is very helpful in case of illness, loss, accident…

Learn some basic vocabularies to communicate with local people in some emergency situations

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