Farming tourism in Hoi An

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Coming to Hoi An, tourists could select for themselves the interesting ways to explore unique cultural and people.

Besides ancient town of a busy trading port in the past with shimmering colors of lanterns in the street on full moon nights, Hoi An’s countryside is also full of specific cultural features of Vietnam that draws a lot of tourists, particularly foreigner ones.

Let’s explore Hoi An with us in a fresh experience: farming. With this kind of tour, the tourists will love the beauty of rice fields, rustic life. You will have chance to learn husbandry with rudimentary traditional tools and directly cultivate in the rice field with peasants. Also, you will be invited to their house to grind and bray rice to make delicious cakes.

If you are finding a place to admire the dramatic scenes and meet friendly people, Vietnam is the place like that. Spend summertime in Vietnam to earn yourself an unforgettable trip.

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