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“Hopital for Foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City”

Medical care and treatment are important everywhere. Whether you are in your home town or travelling to different places, you would call for medical help at any time. This is not an exception to foreign travellers in Vietnam.

Since Vietnam is not an English – speaking country, looking for a hospital/clinic where competent doctors can understand English is not a simple job. Followings are medical addresses in Ho Chi Minh City with English – speaking doctors or staff:

  1. SOS International (Office)

Add:    65 Nguyen Du St., District 1



Tel:     08 3823 7949

  1. SOS International (Clinic)

Add:    167A Nam Ki Khoi Nghia St, District 3

Tel:     08 3829 8520

  1. Family Medical Practice – Diamond Plaza Clinic

Add:    34 Le Duan St., District 1



Tel:     +84 8 3822 7848

  1. Family Medical Practice – District 2 Clinic

Add:    95 Thao Dien Street, District 2


Tel:     +84 8 3744 2000

  1. Vu Anh Hospital

Add:    15-16 Phan Van Tri, Go Vap district

Tel:     08 39894989

  1. Franco – Vietnamese Hospital

Add:    6 Nguyen Luong Bang St, Tan Phu Ward, District 7

Tel:     08 5411 3333


  1. Columbia Asiana Saigon Clinic

Add:    8 Alexandre De Rhodes, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1



Tel:     08 3823 8888

  1. Columbia Asiana Gia Dinh Clinic

Add:    1 No Trang Long, Binh Thanh District


  1. Centre Medical International (CMI)

Add:    1 Han Thuyen, District 1



Tel:     08 3827 2367


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  1. Hello!

    I seriously need to get the YELLOW FEVER SHOT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Right now I am in Ho Chi Minh and I would like to know where I can get in SAIGON the PROPHYLAXIS CERTIFICATE OR THE INTERNATIONAL VACCINATION CERTIFICATE FOR YELLOW FEVER. Hope someone can help me with this!!

    Thank you so much for your reply 😀

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