Kim Boi hot mineral spring in Hoa Binh

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Hoa Binh province has a lot of attractions but the most typical one is Kim Boi hot spring.  Coming from the fountains, the water is pure enough to drink, bath, or cure the arthritis, intestine, stomach, blood pressure disease.

Kim Boi hot spring is located at Kim Boi district of Hoa Binh province. It is natural hot mineral spring very helpful for medical treatment.

Kim Boi (Kim Bôi) hot spring is a natural mineral spring located at Mo Da (Mớ Đá) hamlet, Hạ Bì commune, Kim Boi suburban district, Hoa Binh (Hòa Bình) province about 70 kilometers away from Ha Noi (Hà Nội) on highway 6 and far from Hòa Bình city around 30 kilometers. Because mineral water is deeply underground, water when ejecting is always at 36°C and 34-36ºC in open air.

Kim Boi hot spring has  two large pools along with individual tub system that is replaced water daily to sever travelers. The best time for swimming in public pool is the early hours of the day, around 6-8am, because the new water is pumped into the pool and there are few people there during that time.

Furthermore, the water contains minerals with perfectly pure that is believed to be very good for health. The water from Kim Boi spring is bottled for drinking. Its brand is compared with Thach Bich (Quang Ngai), Kum-dua (Russia) and Paven Barbia (Hungari).

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