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Lady Thu Bon Festival is a traditional festival of old Champa people that was inherited by Vietnamese people and taken place on 12th February of lunar calendar every year at Lady Thu Bon’s Palace in Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district.

The festival expresses the commemoration of people to great contributions of Lady Thu Bon (also known as Lady Bo Bo), a representative for generosity, safety and prosperity. The festival takes place in animated atmosphere from early morning to late evening. Apart from the sacrifice, the festival includes traditional games such as: boat race, palanquin procession, Champa dances and festival songs. During the festival, Thu Bon river seems to be waved by the acclamation of players and hearty cheers along two river sides but sometimes is tranquil in the memory of the past.

Coming to the festival, visitors have a chance to visit My Son Temple and My Son sanctuary – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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