Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Please be advised that Vietnam Immigration regulations on Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian have been adjusted. Accordingly, the Vietnam visa fee and requirements for Indian citizens to get Vietnam visa approval have been changed.

1. In case Indian passport holders  have an organization or company in Vietnam to make a letter of guarantee for your staying and living in Vietnam, the Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizens is lower.( If it is the case, please ask that company/organization to contact us, then we will guide them how to make the letter of guarantee). The cost of Vietnam visa for this option is as follow:

Visa type Service fee (USD/pax) Stamping fee (USD/pax)
1 month single entry 25 25
1 month multiple entry 30 50
3 month single entry 40 25
3 month multiple entry 45 50


For applying for Vietnam visa, Indian citizens just need to submit the Vietnam visa application form, then send it back together with the letter of guarantee to us at .

The normal service of Vietnam visa approval for Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians takes 2 working days. You can apply for super urgent service (4 working hours) which charges USD 20/pax more, or urgent service (1 working day) which plus USD 10/pax.

2. In case you do not have any companies/organizations in Vietnam to make guarantee for you, our company will provide the guarantee service, and the Vietnam visa fee to be paid will be accordingly higher.

Visa type Service fee (USD/pax) Stamping fee (USD/pax)
1 month single entry 35 25
1 month multiple entry 40 50
3 month single entry 70 25
3 month multiple entry 75 50


Have question? Please feel free to contact us at or on the phone +84 946 175 068 ( hotline 1-24/7) or +84 936 44 88 90 ( hotline 2- 24/7).

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