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Ly Son’s beauty through a clip by backpackers

By admin Sep 16, 2013

HNLens Group recently released a short film ‘Ly Son-Vietnam’ talking about charming beauty of Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai Province. The group spent 7 days to make a 3-minute film capturing beautiful pictures of the landscapes and people on the island.

Location: Ly Son island district is located in in the northeast of Quang Ngai province, 15 nautical miles (about 27km) from the mainland.

Characteristic: Ly Son Island holds an important location on the East Sea and contains rich tourism potentials.
Ly Son island district includes 5 mountains. Looking down from the peak of the mountains, you will see a spectacular natural scene with one side is imposing cliff and other side is immense blue sea. Ly Son is also an ideal place to explore diverse marine ecosystem with swimming schools of fish and stunning colorful coral reefs.
The people on the island mainly make a living from growing onions and garlic or fishing. Take a tour of the island, you will see green onion fields or white garlic yards. Referred to as” Garlic kingdom”, this place is also famous for garlic salad.
Traveling to Ly Son, tourists will have chance to visit historical and cultural relics such as Hang, Duc, Cau pagodas, An Hai village hall, Vua well, Am Linh tu, Lady Roi’s Palace, …. Of which, Hang pagoda, An Hai village hall and Am Linh tu were recognized as National Historical-Cultural Relic.

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