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Gia Lai Travel Guide

Visiting the Central Highlands at the same time means that you can’t miss Gia Lai as one of your destinations. Talking of Gia Lai we talk about the blue Sea Lake in Pleiku which has been compared to the eyes of a young girl many times; about the scent of a highland coffee cup; and cultural festivals of highland ethnic …

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Daklak Travel Guide

Daklak, in M’Nong language, refers to “Lak Lake” (“Dak” means “water” or “lake”), a real landmark of Daklak province. Daklak is located at the centre of Central Highlands, a major tourist destination of the region. Compared to Kon Tum and Gia Lai, Daklak is much lower with the height from 400-800m above the sea. The northwest of Daklak is dry …

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Things to do in B’Lao (Bao Loc)

B’Lao or Bao Loc is rather a unique city of central highlands when in almost everywhere else the people plant coffee, Bao Loc people stick with green tea. No one can really explain the origin and exact meaning of the old name B’Lao, it either means “low flying cloud” or “goodness” and not that there is mere relation between two …

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