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Banh nam is specific dish in Hue city which being modified to vegetarian food on the 1st and 15th lunar month. In terms of form, vegetarian banh nam is also as little as normal banh nam. It  is wrapped in banana leaves with smooth rice flour of egg colour and beautiful red filling inside.

Instead of shrimp, filling of vegetarian banh nam is made of mushroom, carrot and tofu. The recipe of vegetarian banh nam is even more sophisticated than normal banh nam’s. Mushroom is used must be wood ear mushroom to create crispy, fresh carrots are cut into small pieces, and tofu is grinned. After that, mix all these ingredients together, put some salt, sugar into the mixture and stir-fry in peanut oil.

Dissolve rice flour and tapioca starch completely with water, peanut oil and some salt. Cook the mixture over the low heat, stir constantly.When the mixture starts to thicken, cook for another 2 minutes. Keep stirring constantly until you get a smooth mixture. Leaves to wrapped cakes should be banana or “dong” leaves which is washed and removed dirt. Take a piece of banana and apply some peanut oil on it. Spread a teaspoonful of the flour in the middle of the leave and spread the filling on the top. Fold the sides over and then fold the ends downward. Arrange the cakes in a steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes.

Because of vegetarian cake, banh nam is served with soy sauce and a little piece of chili. Not only served on the 1st and 15th lunar month, vegetarian banh nam is now also a popular dish for breakfast of Hue people.


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