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Vietnam remains charms and deep traditions over the decades

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Tamar Lowell is a CEO of Access Trips.  She’s had a fascination for Vietnam since she was a child. She was so curious about the country and tried to understand it as much as possible through books and movies.  Tamar Lowell was among the first Americans to visit Vietnam after President Clinton ended trade embargo on Vietnam in February of 1994. The first impression of Saigon (North of Vietnam) when she came was exotic culture and deep traditions. The city looked exactly the same since America’s evacuation in 1975. But what she could not predict is the warmth and openness of Vietnamese people. All of them gave her a big smile and started a friendly conversation even when they knew she was American. Tamar Lowell was really impressed by how the Vietnamese people had moved on from the war.

Twenty years later, she came back to Vietnam to launch a culinary tour. This time she spent more time to travel from Saigon to Hanoi and ate different local food. The second trip offered her a very new experience. Over the two past decades, Vietnamese tourism grew rapidly and the service in hotels, restaurants and stores was excellent. The country is moving forward but still retains distinct character and charm: the women still wear the conical hats, the beautiful old buildings are exceptionally well-preserved and Hoi An still hang colourful silk lanterns  every 14th night of the lunar month

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