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Visa runs might be only one among several problems for foreigners who want to stay for a long time in Vietnam. To make it no longer your problems, we’re composing the series of a visa run to several Southeast Asian neighbouring countries for your choice.

Due to the dropping of prices and the influence Air Asia is having on the South East Asian airlines, Kuala Lumpur is a worthy option. Like Bangkok, it is a hub for connecting flights, particularly for Air Asia. The other advantage is the food, it’s an amazing cacophony of flavours that come from China, India, and Basa. The conversion rate right is similar to the Australian dollar, so US currency fairs well.

Flights to Kuala Lumpur





Ho Chi Minh


3h 25m

6h 20m

2h 50m


Average Tickets Price






Airport Pickup

Kuala Lumpur has an amazing airport system. Gone are the days for economy travellers waiting in a shed.

Important: The airport codes are the same.



Distance to CBD

55km 55km

Taxi cost

Airport taxi: RM 75-100

buy a taxi ticket at the ticket counter


Private bus cost

airport coach: RM10 (child RM6)

star shuttle: RM10 (RM19 for drop-off)

Skybus: RM10

star shuttle: same

Train cost

RM35 (Child: RM12) same

Public bus cost

RM 8 (child RM 4) same


– Don’t forget to apply for a visa online first for your re-entry into Vietnam from Malaysia

– 6 month multiple and 1-year multiple business entry visas are now available to apply online. Vietnam Visa Easy is one of a few travel agencies offers long-term visa without any supporting documents but your passport details.



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