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3 month multiple Vietnam visa on arrival

Hi, I would like to know if 3 months multiple entry visa for Vietnam could be applied as visa on arrival? Do you provide the service? What would it be the finnal price (including the stamp) and how long does it take to get it? Thanks in advanced,

When should we apply for a visa to Vietnam

Hi, My friend and  I will be planning to visit Ho Chi Minh around May 27. We don't know exact date yet but will be a few days before or after. Since visa is valid for one month; does it count the day I apply or the day I enter Vietnam?? Also, when should I apply for Vietnam visa? Kindly let me know. thank you.

Vietnam visa online for Turkish passport holder living in UK

Dear Sir/Madam Can a Turkish passport holder who is residing in the UK with full permanent UK residency apply online for a visa to Vietnam for business?Kindly confirm before I can fill in the Vietnam visa application form online. Thanks

Is Vietnam visa on arrival available for land entry?

I am a U.S. citizen and I will be flying to Bangkok on April 15th. I fly out 2 months later and I will then be traveling overland into Vietnam at some point in those 2 months. So,I would like to get my Vietnam visa now. Can I obtaining a Visa pre-arrival for overland entry into Vietnam? Please help!

Vietnam visa on arrival from UK

Hi all! I am currently travelling in south east asia and I want to Vietnam for a summer holiday, flying into Hanoi. However, I don't know how I need to apply for a visa to Vietnam? Many thanks

visa for vietnam travel

Hi, Can I buy a visa for Vietnam in Thailand then enter Vietnam about a month later? Would the visa still be valid? Thanks

Can I buy another single entry visa to return to Vietnam

Im a UK citizens. I bought a single entry one month visa to Vietnam and spent 2 weeks there before going to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I would now like to return to Vietnam .Is it possible that I can buy another single entry visa and then go back into Vietnam?

How to apply a Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians? Is it legitimate?

Hi, we want to spend around 2 weeks in vietnam for our honeymoon from the 23 Apr - 2 May. Is it better to do it through the consulat or online? It's the first time we travel to Vietnam.  I'm worried if Vietnam visa online is legitimate. Also, can you advise how this works as I'm a little concerned. Anyways, we are Australians. Thanks in advance!

Vietnam visa on arrival online

Hi, we are Australian and Spanish. We are going to enter in Vietnam by flying to Hanoi from Taipei . We'll leave by land, off to Laos or Cambodia 2-3 weeks later. Is it possible to apply for the visa online anyway? Thank you,

Visa to Vietnam for British citizens

Hi, could you assist me in applying for a Visa to Vietnam? Dates of travel are April 15-22. I'm British. Is it possible to apply online.Many thanks,Richard