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Vietnam transit visa in Singapore

We fly into Vietnam from Bangkok, arriving 10 hours before our next flight to Singapore. The flights are not one journey, they are booked with different companies. Do we need a transit visa? We wont leave the airport during this time, just grab our luggage and wait for our next flight. Thanks

Vietnam visa for Indonesians

Hello, I'm really confused about how to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam. Do I need to get it before I enter the country or can I get it at the border? Im a indonesian citizens

Vietnam visa on arrival

I have read that you can get a visa upon arrival in Vietnam, but I cannot confirm that information on the VN Passport site. Is it better to wait until arrival to get the visa, or is it better to get it ahead of time? We leave on November 7th.

3 month multiple entry tourist visa

We want apply for a visa approval letter through your site. We want a three month multiple entry tourist visa but my old friend said Visa service is no such thing as a three month multiple entry tourist visa and we 'll receive visa Approval for business purposes. Is that true and what can we do? Thanks in advance and best regards

visa requirements for US citizen traveling to india

We are going to fly from U.S. traveling to India and then fly to HCMC. We will stay for 5 days then fly to Hanoi then go on to China. Can we get a visa for 14 days at HCMC arrival? What is the easiest way to make arrival into HCMC?

Are photo and passport required for Vietnam visa online

Hi, do I need to submit photos or passport when I apply Vietnam visa online?

Vietnam visa on arrival multiple entry

Can you tell me what is the different between Vietnam multiple entry visa on arrival and single entry visa on arrival? How much does Vietnam visa cost? Thanks

Vietnam visa approval letter

I want vietnamese visa approval letter to travel to Vietnam. How I can apply to get it?

Can I change the validity of my Vietnam visa on arrival?

Hi, Im a USA citizen. My visa has been issued for the period between 14th September to 4th October. But I could only get to Vietnam on 2nd Oct, which would leave me not much time to enjoy. I want to travel around Vietnam country. Can I change the validity of my Vietnam visa on arrival? Thanks

pre-approval letter for visa to vietnam

Do i need a pre-approval letter for visa to vietnam and how do I get a approval letter to enter?