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Attractive water sports in Nha Trang

Nha Trang’s sea in summer is the most beautiful of the year.  According to international sport experts,  no place in Vietnam but Nha Trang could develop thoroughly all types of water sport.

Water sport festival is regarded as a “green message” of Nha Trang sea festival which organised every 2 odd year.

By sunrise, thousands of people go to the beach to support the race in the sea. Competitive swimming and basket shaking are 2 traditional sports that competitors are sometimes also audience. The sports originated by tourism like diving, surfing, parasailing…. or jet skiing require players excellent knowledge as well as good experience so that they could control vehicles and speed.

Atmosphere of the festival has an incredible attraction. Many tourists from the North and South come to Nha Trang with the only purpose is to try and satisfy their desire to play in waves. The feeling of springing up and down in blue waves and flying with the parachutes, integrating into water and wind is so fantastic.

Many tourists have visited Nha Trang only once but most of them are satisfied with water sports. The perfect combination of blue sky, tranquil sea with bright sun and bracing wind brings excitement to everyone coming here.


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