US team had the most beautiful performance in Danang firework festival 2013

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On the second day of competition, spectacular performance of Melrose Pyrotechnics brought back the United States the first prize.

 The resolution to win 3 consecutive years  of Parente Fireworks (Italy) at Da Nang International Firework Competition-DIFC 2013 encountered a big challenge from United States and Japan. On the second day of competition, Tamaya Kitahara of Japan, (gained 3th prize of DIFC 2010) which used to defeat Parente Fireworks (Itali) and get the championship title at 16th Tarragora International Firework Competition in Spain in 2005 had an impressive display by painting in Danang’s sky and Han River a picture of colorful Japanese garden. This performance received a lot of applause from audience.
However, display “The way you look tonight”  of Melrose Pyrotechnics (US) was very the most outstanding of the competition. Thanks to experience from smoky “Rockstrom” performance at DIFC last year, US team impressed audience by a spectacular display.

This year, Melrose Pyrotechnics took initiative in disposing steadily fire ranges. The alternation of strong and gentle melodies combines with sparkling fireworks makes the audience enjoy fully in surprise and pleasure. Da Nang International Firework Competition-DIFC 2013 successfully ended at a beautiful night. “The way you look tonight” of Melrose Pyrotechnics praised the beauty of Han River by the perfect combination of firework clusters and various aspects of music melodies, which covered Han River with mysterious dance. By the careful preparation, US team officially defeated Parente Fireworks (Itali) and Tamaya Kitahara (Japan)- second prizes to achieve championship of DIFC 2013.
After the sixth competition, despite great effort, Da Nang team (Vietnam) retains the third position with Khan team (Russia).

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