Vietnam Embassies & Consulates

Getting visa to Vietnam- Embassy or Online?

When you prepare to visit or spend your trip in Vietnam, getting VISA to Vietnam is the first task to be completed. It is said by some travelers that it is a bit complicated and takes them a lot of time to get a Vietnam entry VISA. This seems that it no longer present nowadays thanks to the appearance of …

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How to get Vietnam visa from Australia

If you are an Australia passport holder, or residents in Australia whose nationality do not appear in the Vietnamvisa exemption list,you are required a valid visa to enter Vietnam. But, how to get Vietnam visa from Australia? There are two ways for you to get Vietnam visa from this country: 1. Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival at lower cost (get …

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Ways to get Vietnam visa

To get your Vietnam visa done, you have two choices to get your Vietnam visa: Option one – apply by yourself at the Embassy/Consulate; and Option two – apply online. Option 1: Apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in your current area on your own The processing time for tourist visa application normally takes four (4) to ten (10) …

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