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Fruit buffet in Lai Thieu orchard, Binh Duong

Located approximately 20 km Northeast from Ho Chi Minh City, Lai Thieu orchard in Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province is a wonderful ecological area for tourists to enjoy and explore Vietnam’s fruits. For the past years, Lai Thieu has been well-known for its diversified tropical fruits and has been considered as the green lung of Binh Duong Province.

From May to August every year, the fruit trees are completely mature and ready to reap, gather and eat. The visitors can wander in the garden to enjoy the fresh air of the peaceful countryside and the sweet flavour of fresh fruits just harvest from the tree. The most famous fruits in Lai Thieu include durian, mangosteen, rambutan, To Nu jack-fruit…

Coming to the garden, you will be overwhelmed by limitless lines of trees, laden with a bunch of ripe and succulent fruits. The special interest of Lai Thieu orchard is the mixed fragrance pervading from ten pieces of flower, plant. All are ready to draw you. Going across a quite nice bridge then rambling along small paths to the garden, you will catch sweet-smelling fruits and meet Lai Thieu country girls. You can buy some fruits and communicate with them. They are willing to be volunteer tour guides for you.

There you can drop in Din Ky Cau Ngang eco-tourist park which lies peacefully and breezily along a branch of the Saigon River. In the park, you can take an interesting opportunity to fish for some big fishes for their next meal. Next to the canal for fishing is the canal that looks a lot like a post-harvested field full of mud. People can jump in and catch fish the way the ancient people in the South used to do. Tourists can taste their own fish after the park’s kitchen or a floating restaurant on the river cooks them. The feeling of being an ancient South people and enjoying the joy of their daily life is so wonderful.

Just a few miles from Ho Chi Minh City but the Lai Thieu garden makes an absolutely different world from the noisy and bustling Sai Gon city. This is the place where you can escape from the stress, the burden and trouble, just enjoy the sweetness and the coolness of the fruits here.



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