Hanoi asks locals to stop dog meat consumption

A dog waits to be slaughtered for sale as food in Duong Noi village, outside Hanoi December 16, 2011. While animal rights activists have condemned dog meat as a cruel treatment of the animals, it is still an accepted popular delicacy for some Vietnamese, as well in some other Asian countries. Duong Noi is well-known as dog-meat village, everyday, hundred dogs have been killed for sale as a traditional and popular food. Dog-eating custom is rooted in Vietnam and developed as a result of poverty. One kilogram of the meat costs about 130,000 dongs ($6.2)

Hanoi authorities are urging residents to stop eating dog meat. Many foreign visitors, especially those from Western countries, find the slaughter and consumption of dog meat disgusting and unacceptable. This is said to cause negative effects on reputation of a civilized capital and lead to the spread of rabies and other animal-borne diseases.

Increasingly, many young people disapprove the use of dog meat but it is nothing compared to vast number of people approving it. Dog is the go-to dish for drinking parties and special occasions. Vietnamese suppose eating dog is a way to get rid of back luck, so they often order it when unpleasant things happen.

The prohibition on trade and consumption of dog meat is expected to be applied throughout the city by 2021. In rural areas, it requires big effort and more time for the authorities to convince people to give up eating dog as it still remains deep rooted habit.

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