How to avoid taxi scams while traveling

Taxi is useful transport while traveling, particularly in which public vehicle is not popular or not safe for tourists. However, there is something you should keep in mind before catching taxi in a new place to avoid being overcharged.

Innocent and inexperienced tourists are often the target of dishonest taxi drivers. The following tips  will keep you away from this matter.

Check security situation
This sounds troublesome but taking precaution against possible hazard will help you prevent true troubles.

Tourists are often victims of overcharge or unreasonable additional fees. In addition, tourists also get risk of being robbed, kidnapped or sexually harassed.

You could check information about security situation when you are planning the trip through guidebooks, websites, or warnings of government.

Use lawful reliable service
You will reduce a lot of risks if using licensed taxis that have official meters. The illegal cabs are not tested for degree of safety and sometimes the taxi drivers are actually scammers.

Find reliable taxi companies and identify its color, signboard, phone number. It is easy for you to search the information on website or ask receptionists at hotels.

Know your destination
You can bring along a local map and follow the route you head to so as to avoid fake taxi drivers.

Thanks for good knowledge about itinerary, you will avoid from being driven around or misunderstood. You should act like you know the way and key landmarks during mileage.

Consider before get in
You should catch another taxi if your current taxi has symptoms as below:

– The taxi is not in good condition
– The taxi lacks some components such as inner door handles that work and proper seatbelts… The taxi has no identification and legal manifestation.
– The taxi driver has possible signs of drunk
– The taxi driver doesn’t actually know the way or where you want to go to.
– Someone already sat in the cab in advance


You may already hear about this advice: Don’t show out you are tourists. Otherwise, you will draw attention unexpectedly and become victim of overcharge.

Act like you are on the way to visit someone. In particular, you should not reveal personal information to prevent from being availed. You can take picture of the cab or nameplate in case of being scammed.

Avoid difference in price by learning information of tipping culture of country you are traveling. For example: most of nations in Europe, North-America and Africa, people usually tip 10% of the charge. In Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, you just need to round up the bill. Meanwhile, you are not necessary to tip in India and China.

Create a list of emergency phone numbers
Emergency phone numbers are life preserving amulet for you while traveling. You can write on a note or save in mobile phone the phone numbers of following organizations and companies:

– Local police
– Travel support service (if any)
– Your hotel
– Service provider you are using
– Hotline of your country’s embassy in the country you are traveling

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