Passage to Vietnam

70 international photojournalists traveled throughout Vietnam to capture the realist pictures of a country in period of recovering from the wounds of war. 

In the heading of “Passage to Vietnam”, Rick Smolan wrote:
“The first impression of Vietnam has been always in my mind until now. At the first seconds, my initial concept of Vietnam, a land suffering a lot of wars with memories of the previous 25 years totally vanish. In many weeks later, I realized this was such an exceptional country. It is different from what I knew in the past and even the countries I had been to. The screen was pulled up and an ancient Asia was revealed: fascinating, mysterious and impressive”.

A monkey bridge across canal in An Giang

The popular case of separating conjoined twins in Ho Chi Minh

In a gym

Ly Duc bodybuilder at a gymnastics center in Ho Chi Minh city

One of tenement houses in Ho Chi Minh city

Rice trade at Ca Mau floating market

A fishing village in Ninh Thuan

The women are on the way to market in early morning

A neglected cross-red girl in Vietnam

The workers are exploiting coal in Quang Ninh

Dien Bien Phu’s children are playing with an artillery

Cu Chi tunnel

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