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Spicy stick-bread, Haiphong flavor

Join us to discover the tasty stick bread which originated from Haiphong.  Spicy stick-bread is one of specialties in Haiphong. It is no more than a light snack to tempt the palate but very tasty: the bread was crispy on the outside and the level of spice just right.

The Haiphong people hardly remember Khanh La village (the cradle of spicy bread) but they will be willing to tell you where to buy the best spicy stick-bread. The Haiphong people are very free from the place to eat. What they care about is food and service quality. With only dozens of plastic chairs, some wooden tables, a barrel of baked spread, the stall is crowded and busy all the time. The spicy stick-bread is popular not only in Haiphong but also in Hanoi, Danang… In every afternoon, the stalls selling spicy stick-bread are always packed with patrons. Someone bring bread home, someone enjoy right at the stall, and the others buy as a gift for friends and relatives in other provinces… The spicy stick-bread is a cheap food. It’s easily recognized by stick form, stuffed with pate, pepper and chili sauce. Therefore, people often eat at least 2 spicy stick-breads.

If you have never come to Haiphong and tried spicy stick-bread, it would be a regrettable thing. It is sold in many streets such as Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Loi…

By Fiona

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