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The obligation of withholding tax on overseas service suppliers

As mentioned in our post SENDING EMPLOYEES OVER TO VIETNAM, it is a preferable option for foreign service suppliers to send their employees over to perform contracted services at clients’ hub in Vietnam without establishment of business presence. Thanks to globalization of trade and commerce, cross-border service supply has never been such easier and more convenient. The only matter that …

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In order for service supply and execution in Vietnam without establishment of business presence, overseas enterprises may go for one easy option of sending the employees over to work at business partners’ locations in Vietnam. The option is quite preferable as it helps cut down costs and brings out same efficient result. The only concern arises on the matter of …

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With continuous investment waves in the past years, the demand for investment into Vietnam of foreign investors has had no sign of stopping but increased year by year. Accordingly, transferring profit abroad become inevitable by the end of the journey when investment activities have earned investors’ profits. Foreign investors who make direct investment in Vietnam are permitted to repatriate profit …

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Benefits of investing in Vietnam

Since 2005, Vietnam’s Government has applied different incentives and support to investment from outside of Vietnam. The purpose is not only stimulate foreign investment into Vietnam but also create a fair investment environment for both domestic and foreign investors. Nowadays, foreign investors can be entitled to comparable or even more and better investment incentives than those of domestic investors. Establishment …

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4 types of investment in Vietnam

Coming to Vietnam and putting lots of money on a business are steps of a gamble which requires careful research. As a matter of fact, the research starts with how to invest into Vietnam, or in other words what are forms for investment in Vietnam. This question is not quite a key concern but should still be taken into account …

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Prohibited investment activities in Vietnam

Under Investment Law of Vietnam, foreign investors are entitled to invest in business lines which are not prohibited. This is just another fundamental with high importance to every investor during investment research and before gambling loads of money in a foreign country like Vietnam. According to Investment Law, investments in the following activities are banned: Trade in the narcotic substances specified in Table …

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Scam is everywhere. Travelers are always the target of scammers. To ensure you trip is not ruined by Vietnamese fraudsters, let’s take a look at our tips below before booking a ticket to Vietnam. Taxi scams There are countless taxi companies in Vietnam but we always you recommend using the 2 most reliable operators Mai Linh and Vinasun whose customer …

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Vietnamese diet and eating habits

Vietnam has a great natural diversity of agricultural products. It is this diversity and variety that makes their food healthy and balanced. Dishes and ingredients used in Vietnamese cuisine can cover all the dietary needs on protein, lipids, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals In addition, the culture of eating multiple dishes and chewing slowly improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients, without …

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Keep in mind these things before you navigate Vietnam by motorbike

Driving through Vietnam on a motorbike will be an adventure you won’t soon forget. To keep that adventure more about the fun and less about the frustration, there’s something you need toYou know before you go. The riders of motorbikes below 50cc are not required a driving license, however, this size of motorbikes is only suitable for city riding. For …

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Traditional wedding ceremonies and customs in Vietnam

Wedding is more than a ceremony of celebrating union of two in the presence of their families and close friends, it is tradition and culture. Let’s explore Vietnamese tradition through a typical morden wedding. A Vietnamese traditional wedding consists of 3 ceremonies: lễ chạm ngõ, lễ ăn hỏi and lễ rước dâu. Lễ chạm ngõ Lễ chạm ngõ (also known …

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