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What to Know More about Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam business visa, which is categorized as DN, LV1 and 2, DT, is granted to those entering Vietnam for business and employment purpose. The visa can be valid for up to 1 year with single or multiple entries. Except for businessmen from Visa Waiver Countries, all foreigners must apply for a business visa to do business or explore business opportunities in Vietnam.

Specific types of business visa are listed as follows:

DN – Issued to people who come to work with companies in Vietnam

LV1 – Issued to people who come to work with units affiliated to Vietnam’s Communist Party; the National Assembly, the government, Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy, State Audit Agency, Ministries, ministerial agencies, Governmental agencies, the People’s Councils, the People’s Committees of provinces.

LV2 – Issued to people who come to work with socio-political organizations, social organizations, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

DT – Issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyers practising in Vietnam.

Foreigners shall be issued with a business visa for Vietnam if they satisfy the following prerequisite conditions:

  1. Holding a valid passport or laissez-passer ;
  2. Being invited or sponsored by an organization or individual in Vietnam;
  3. Not being suspended from entry in the cases of (i) children under 14 years of age without parents, guardians or authorized custodians; (ii) Forging papers or providing false information to obtain entry/exit/residence permit; (iii) any person suffering from a mental disease or infectious disease that threatens the public health; (iv) Any person that was deported from Vietnam within the last 03 years; (v) Any person that was compelled to leave Vietnam within the last 06 months; (vi) For reasons of epidemic prevention; (vii) For reasons of natural disasters; (viii) For reasons of national defence, national security, social order, and social safety.

So who can be eligible to invite or sponsor foreigners with business visa?

  1. Companies established under the laws of Vietnam;
  2. Representative offices, branches of foreign traders; representative offices of other foreign economic, cultural, and professional organizations in Vietnam;
  3. Other organizations with legal status as prescribed by the laws of Vietnam.

Visa Issuance Procedure

This is the general procedure that applies to all types of Vietnam visa, including business visa.

Procedure at the immigration authority in order to apply for the business visa shall be carried out by the inviting/sponsoring entities. Before following the procedure for inviting or sponsoring a foreigner to enter Vietnam, the social organization, company, or another organization having a legal status as prescribed by Vietnam’s law, the branch of a foreign trader, the representative office of a foreign economic, cultural, and professional organization in Vietnam must send a written notifications to the immigration authority together with a dossier which consists of (i) a certified true copy of the license or decision of the competent authority on establishment of the enterprise/organization; (ii) a document introducing the seal and signature of a competent person of the organization.

The notification shall only be sent once. If there is any change in the content of the dossier, an additional notice shall be sent to the immigration authority right away.

Within 05 working days from the receipt of the application, the immigration authority shall consider visa issuance, then send a response to the inviting/sponsoring entity, and notify the overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam.

After receiving the written response from the immigration authority, the inviting/sponsoring entity shall notify the foreigner to follow the procedures for receiving the visa at the overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam.

In case the visa is applied for at a border checkpoint, the immigration authority shall consider the application within 03 working days from the receipt of sufficient documents in the cases where: (i) the foreigner departs from a country that does not have any visa-issuing authority of Vietnam; (ii) the foreigner has to stop by multiple countries before arriving at Vietnam.

Any entity that applies for a visa for a foreigner at an overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam must pay the fee for notification of visa issuance to the immigration authority.

According to regulations on entry of foreigners into Vietnam, visa agencies established under Vietnamese laws on companies/enterprises should be eligible to sponsor foreigners with business visa. H2 Global Travel Jsc, the mother company of visa portal, is legally established and operating under the laws of Vietnam and we have sponsored thousands of tourists and business visas for foreigners to enter Vietnam. We are a reliable Visa-on-arrival portal which provides clients with the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get a business visa for Vietnam.

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