Attractive destinations in Da Nang

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Han River Bridge

Da Nang is well-known for romantic Han River but most of all is Han River Bridge, the first swing bridge in Vietnam. Everyday, there are a lot of local people and tourists come here to admire the sparkling fanciful beauty of the bridge at night. That is probably the reason why many people say “ no Han Rive Bridge visit, no Da Nang travel”.

Son Tra Peninsula

Coming to Son Tra, tourists will have chance to admire the beauty of forest and sea and  partake in discovery activities such as visiting Son Tra forest, swimming in My Khe beach, fishing with residents, coral diving, visiting Linh Ung pagoda, admiring Tien Sa light house and panoramic view of Da Nang city from the top of Son Tra.

Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Han Son or Non Nuoc Mountain is the name of the cluster of five marble mountains which looks like a bonsai emerging among immense rocky hillock. Coming to Ngu Hanh Son, tourists will be able to visit Tam Thai pagoda and attractive mysterious caves.

Non Nuoc stone carving village

The village was established since the 18th century and famous for abundant art work made from marble stone. In this tour, you can observe the talented craft men carefully turn the lifeless stones into vivid statues, and then you can choose beautiful souvenir as a gift for your family.

Ba Na Hill

Let your trip completely perfect with the journey to Ba Na Mountain. In Ba Na, tourists will feel the difference of climate in only one day with 4 seasons. Coming here, you should not ignore the destination such as Linh Ung pagoda with Ngai Bon Su statue of 27 m high, Mo stream and Toc Tien waterfall…

Nam O rapid

Nam O rapid is truly a valuable gift that nature bestows on Da Nang tourism. Visiting Nam O, tourists could immerse in poetic natural scenery of sky, sea, many fish species, coral reefs and undergr


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