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Destinations to go on 30/4-1/5

30/4 and 1/5 are two of the most important holidays in year not because of its significance but also it’s also the time for traveling. 
1.  Sapa- foggy town

No need to talk too much about Sapa because it’s popular to visitors. People, culture, itineraries are all waiting for you to come and explore.

You can choose to go to Sapa by train or by bus. If you go by train, it takes you one night and 1 bus hour, if by bus, you are advised to take a long distance bus at Gia Lam station and then be present in Sapa in the next morning.

2. Ha Giang – national border area 

Ha Giang is considered as favorite destination of backpackers. Almost people come here in groups by motorbike but bus is wise choice for those who want to save energy for the next working week. Ha Giang’s tourist attractions are diverse such as rock plateaus, caves, hamlets, rice valleys, mansion of Vuong family, Sung Khanh pagoda, Binh Lam pagoda…

3.  Da Nang – enjoyable city

Sea and seafood are the most popular in Da Nang. From 5 o’clock in the morning, you are able to go to public beaches and dive yourself into the sea until late afternoon and walk in the sunset. Nothing could compare to Da Nang seafood. A delicious full meal in Da Nang costs you only VND 300,000 for double. To make sure that you could enjoy all different dishes, it would be better if you order small servings for each dish. Apart from luxurious restaurants, the common ones along the beaches have reasonable price.

If you are wondering what you should do at 6 o’clock in the morning, try visit Ba Na to enjoy fresh atmosphere or visit Ngu Hanh Son that famous for traditional stone engraving activities. Hoi An is ancient town nearby Da Nang that you cannot miss out. The best time to visit Hoi An is 3 pm because it is great time for you to have beautiful pictures. In the evening, you could spend time in walking around in glamorous light of lanterns.

4. Phong Nha – Ke Bang – wild nature

If you like conquering forests and caves or enjoying forest food, merging into nature , Phong Nha is one of those places.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang is 200,00 ha in width area of limestone mountains that well-known for its giant cave systems. According to recent statistics, there are about 300 caves included in Phong Nha-Ke Bang.

We have 3 options for your exploration trip: by the river, trek along mountain’ tracks and discover the caves in here.

Furthermore, you are also able to go to camp sites, try specialties such as chickens, pigs raised in forests and shrimps, fish caught in the rivers…..

5. Thay pagoda –  peaceful destination

Being located at the bottom of Sai Son Mountain, Quoc Oai Commune and 20 km far West-East from Hanoi, Thay pagoda is the destination for everyone at weekend, especially the students.
Coming here, the visitors can not only take photos but also discover the grottoes and go sightseeing. Cac Co Cave – on the top situation of Thay pagoda is not well-known for excellent landscape but attractive with the hole of body bones and the stories about it.

If you are a courageous and adventurous person, it’s very worth for coming here at least once.

Notice: bring along a torch with you and remember to make deal before using any service here.

6. Hanoi countryside – photogenic spot

If you are just keen on going around and taking photos, riding to countryside is good idea for your on this occasion.
There are many options for you to choose:

  • The first option is coming to Ba Vi via Thang Long Avenue or the road No.32. In this season, you will be attracted by the fresh green of rice fields and the blazing red of bombax ceiba flowers. In this time, the weather is coming warm and thus you are able to ride to Ba Vi to enjoy freshly cool wind, try chicken, fish, cakes, Ba Vi milks…
  • Besides, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc are also perfect stops for short trips connecting with photo shoots. The pure cool air definitely pleases you. The activities here are very interesting including visiting bear camps, taking photos of insects or plants…
7. Ho Chi Minh Road – trip on the bike

If you have big love to backpacking, it is advised to take a tour that runs along Ho Chi Minh road (starts from Hanoi). Except from dusty Xuan Mai section, the others are very impressive with green trees and natural scenery.

National Forest Cuc Phuong in Hoa Binh or Cam Thuy in Thanh Hoa are choices of this tour.

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