dropped wallet social experiment

“Dropped wallet” social experiment in Da Nang and Hoi An

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What would you do if you found a wallet on the street? You would return it to the owner or keep it for yourself? Da Nang (Vietnam) is known for safety and honest people. So a young team has decided to challenge the honesty of locals in the city by dropping the wallet “accidentally” in front of the hidden camera and see what people will react.

40 wallets were “dropped” at different public places in Da Nang and Hoi An Ancient Town such as Con Market, Big C Super Market, CGV Cinema, Park 29/3. The test’s result satisfied not only the team but all the viewers. 34 out of 40 wallets were returned.  After watching the clip, you may have more reason to visit this beautiful city and more reason to believe that kindness is around us.

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