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Since  curving railway through Hai Van pass was brought into use in 2005, Hai Van pass became the most beautiful tourism hillside road in Vietnam and claimed “De nhat hung quan”.

Hai Van pass (also called Ai Van) is 21 km long across towering mountains of Truong Son range, where borders the East sea. Hai Van means “Sea and Clouds” since the peak of the mountain is in the clouds while its foot is close to the sea. The pass is known as the most beautiful and dangerous road of Vietnam on North-South journey over past 700 years. The pass is 496 m high above sea level.

In century XV,King  Le Thanh Tong went for a sightseeing at this pass and got impressive by spectacular scenery of clouds and sea, he named Hai Van “De nhat hung quan” (means the most colossal frontier post).

King Minh Mang also used to take a tour of Hai Van pass and build a stone gate engraved the words “De nhat hung quan”. Currently, the gate still stands firmly at the peak and was recognized as national historical relics.

Despite of difficult terrain, this place is becoming an ideal tourist attraction which many travel agencies are trying to exploit.

In sunny days, Hai Van provides a great panoramic view of majestic mountains with floating white clouds in the North, further distance is Lap An pond, Lang Co picturesque fishing village. To the South is the overview of Da Nang city and charming Han river.

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