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Hoi An’s beauty in Quang Nam Heritage Festival

In the sparkle of multi-coloured lanterns and bustle of visitors, Hoi An ancient town became more lively than ever with various activities before opening ceremony of Quang Nam Heritage Festival.

In the evening of 21 June, one day before inaugurating Quang Nam Heritage Festival, thousand local people and visitors flocked to Hoi An ancient town to merge into the appeareance of ancient town in early century XX as well as visit cutural space displayed in framework of the festival.

While the ancient houses at either side of Hoai river were twinkling by electric lights, the traveller groups were enjoyably exploring the charming river by boat.

In the evening of 21 June, Vietnam-ASEAN cultural heritage space also kicked off and introduced to visitors specific heritages of Vietnam and ASEAN countries.

The streets were full of locals selling cardboard lotus flower-shaped lanterns. People often release these lanterns on to the river on the 15th day of 1st lunar month to wish happiness, luck and love.

Many young people are excited with releasing the lanterns and lightening Hoai river

The blaze from electric lights and lanterns creates a colorful picture of Hoi An.

Bridge pagoda (Chua Cau), symbol of Hoi An always attracts a lot of visitors.

 The street side restaurants are crowded with customers. 

Folk game “Bit mat dap noi” received a lot of responses from visitors.

Although Hoi An is in festival, the locals still remains their daily activivites

Quang Nam Heritage Festival takes place from 22 to 26 June icluding programs held in Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham island, My Son holy land, Tam Ky city. The festival aims to introduce World cultural heritages in Vietnam and ASEAN countries, Quang Nam’s cuisines in particular and Vietnam’s cuisine in general to international friends. A plenty of cultural activities and perfomance will be held during the festival in order to draw foreign investment.

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