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Electric car

The electric car is a cheap and perfect option for a short ride around the Old Quarter – the heart of Hanoi – and West Lake with leisure.

There are two lines/tours of an electrical car, operated by two separated companies:

Line 1: West Lake Tour (by TLC Hotay Joint Stock Co.). The terminal of this line is located in front of Tran Quoc Pagoda, Thanh Nien Rd.

Total 20 cultural and historical monuments on the tour:

  1. West Lake Water Park
  2. Lotus Pond
  3. Quang Ba Communal House
  4. Hoang An Lagoon
  5. Kim Nguu Temple
  6. Tay Ho Temple
  7. Nghi Tam Communal House
  8. Kim Lien Pagoda
  9. Yen Phu Communal House
  10. Tran Quoc Temple
  11. Cau Nhi Temple
  12. Quan Thanh Temple
  13. Ly Tu Trong Garden
  14. Voi Phuc Temple
  15. Sai Pagoda
  16. Vong Thi Pagoda
  17. Trich Sai Communal House
  18. Thien Nien Pagoda
  19. Tan Hien Pagoda
  20. Tao Sach Pagoda


  • 80,000VND/pax for adults and 55,000VND/pax for children from 0.8 -1.35m for a 35-minute non-stop tour.
  • 560,000VND/7-seat car or 800,000VND/10-seat car for 1.5-hour tour. You can choose 2 spots to visit for 15 minutes each. Not included food, drink, guide and admission.

Line 2: Old Quarter Tour (by Dong Xuan Joint Stock Co.). The terminal is located opposite the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Dinh Tien Hoang Street. This is also the starting and the finishing point of the tour.

You’ll be picked up at the meeting place and travel through following streets:

  1. Hang Dao
  2. Hang Ngang
  3. Hang Duong
  4. Dong Xuan
  5. Hang Chieu
  6. Nguyen Sieu
  7. Lo Ren
  8. Hang Dong
  9. Hang Vai
  10. Hang Buom
  11. Ma May
  12. Hang Bac
  13. Hang Bo
  14. Bat Dan
  15. Hang Quat
  16. Luong Van Can
  17. Le Thai To
  18. Hang Khay

You’ll be introduced when passing through 28 streets of the Old Quarter and visit three of the spots for 30 minutes each.

You can select three of the places below:

  • 48 Hang Ngang relic site
  • Huyen Thien Pagoda
  • Quan Chuong Gate
  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral
  • Monument dedicated to King Le Thai To
  • Monument dedicated to King Ly Thai To
  • Ngoc Son Temple
  • Dong Xuan Market
  • Bach Ma Temple
  • 87 Ma May ancient house


  • 20,000VND/pax for a 35-minute tour
  • 150,000VND/7-seat car for a 350minute tour
  • 250,000VND/7-seat car for 1 hour tour

Included picking up at time and destination as request and insurance, excluded VAT, personal expense, meals, tour guide, admission…


If you want to stop at another destination apart from the three selected places, you will pay additional 50,000VND.

Service hours:

  • Line 1: 8:20 – 21:00 daily
  • Line 2: 8:300 – 18:00 daily


  • For individual ticket, full payment is required at the time of departure.
  • For online booking of group tickets, major credit cards or PayPal are accepted.

Electrical car’s capacity:

  • 7 – 10 passengers


Cyclo had been a very common means of transportation in Vietnam for an in the past and recently became a famous tourist service across the country. Cyclo is one of the best ways to enjoy a city tour.

The downtown of Hanoi is a congested place with countless alleys and small roads tangling in a more confusing way than a spider net. Taxi or bus will not do you justice if you want to enjoy the sight of the streets, breath in the atmosphere of the most bustling area in the capital. The open design of a cyclo offers no hindrance for photograph taking or sightseeing. The cyclo driver behind who will also be your tour guide knows their way through the maze of the Old Quarter.

It’s impossible to walk around Hoan Kiem Lake and Old Quarter without seeing a cyclo or being accosted by a cyclo driver, insisting to take you on a ride.

With a one-hour cyclo tour around Old Quarter you can expect to visit Hang Bac, Ma May, Hang Ma streets, around Hoan Kiem Lake, Opera House or Sofitel Metropole hotel. Cyclo tours can be customized as requested but the spots should be close to each other.

The normal price for one person for a one-hour tour is 100,000VND. If you want to share a cyclo with another or going further than the Old Quarter area, you’ll to pay more.

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