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Old Saigon through the photos of American veteran

Contrary to the resplendence of the centre area, the suburbs in Saigon appear in dull atmosphere with low-roofed houses.

Sunset over the Saigon Bridge.

Residential area in Phu Lam.

A mid-autumn festival lantern shop at road-side

Bien Hoa Highway.

Outskirts of Saigon.

Bac Viet Cemetery near Tan Son Nhat airport.

An architecture of worship located among residential areas.

A balloon boy.

Farm in the outskirts of Saigon.

Sunset over the landfill.

A peaceful moment in the suburbs.

Hearse on Bien Hoa highway.

The auto-rickshaws are running on the Bien Hoa highway, in the distance is Chau Thoi Mountain.

The brick factory in the countryside

Incense factory.

The military base of Saigon army.

U.S air base at Tan Son Nhat area.

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