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Pedestrian Street in Hoi An

The program “ Pedestrian and primitive vehicle street” was testing in 2004 but the idea of unnoisy urban was nurtured by leaders of the town many years ago. Since early 2012, the routes of Area 1 in Old Town have been used for pedestrian and cyclos only from Monday to Saturday and every evening. Most of motor vehicles, even electric bicycles are banned in this area. This program has received many supports from majority of local people.

The birth of pedestrian street partly makes Hoi An more romantic and attractive to tourists. “ I feel safer for myself when strolling here. Hopefully, this type of street will be applied to other streets in Hoi An.” Mr. Pinpigna, French tourist shares his interest.

The prohibition of motorbikes in Old Town of Hoianese brings about positive changes. The streets are more quiet and peaceful. The business of shops and restaurants here thereby also gets easier. According to Mr. Truong Van Bay, Vice President of Hoi An Town People’s Committee, the implementation of pedestrian street will remain from one to six days a week and then the whole week in area of 0.5 km2. Currently, the town has establish free parking lots in Old Town at the beginning of Tran Hung Dao, Phan Chu Trinh and Tran Phu Street. As schedule, free parking lots like this will be built more in Old Town in the future.


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