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Son Tra Peninsula is 10 km from the center of Da Nang city to the North-east with an area of 60 km2, 13 km long, 5 km wide, and 2 km of the narrowest area.

Son Tra mountain is about 700 m in height, which is regarded as natural weather station of the local. Therefore, it could be easily seen wherever you stay in Da Nang.

From the top of mountain, tourists could see overall view  of Da Nang  city with Ngu Hanh mountain to the South, Cu Lao Cham to the Southeast, Da Nang city and Han river to the West and Hai Van pass, the most colossal frontier post.

Son Tra peninsula possesses 289 types of plants of 217 branches, 90 groups, many of them are endemic trees of Indochina peninsula which are only found in Son Tra .

Regarding animals, this is the home to monkeys. At present, Son Tra has about 400 langurs, long-tail monkeys, red-face chickens, the rare animals listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of endangered species.

Traveling to Son Tra, tourists could conquer the old forest, play paintball or take a Da Nang-Son Tra tour by helicopter. In addition, this place also offers beach activities such as fishing, bathing, playing sports or coral diving.

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