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Suoi Tien, the unique stream in Phan Thiet

Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) is also known under name Suoi Hong (Pink Stream) situated at Mui Ne ward of Phan Thiet city. Phan Thiet has been famous for immense sandy hillock, and passionate beaches but not many people know about the existence of a beautiful unique  stream.

Suoi Tien is a small water gap running at the side of Hon Rom and is obscured by   sandy dunes. The very first impression of Suoi Tien is the water color, which is dark red because of the red sand and yellow clay. Winds and rain have created eroded sand stones of different shapes and sizes. One side of the stream is a colorful sand hillock and the other is lines of aquatic plants.

The stream is very shallow, with the deepest spot only 30 centimeters. Not only tourists but also local people are so excited to soak their feet in the cool water of the stream.

It would not be wrong to call Suoi Tien “the heaven on earth” because its beauty is so distinctive that we hardly find in anywhere else. It would be a great regret if Suoi Tien is excluded in your itinerary in Phan Thiet.

By Fiona

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