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Vietnam Historical Sites and DMZ tour

(DMZ: Demilitarized Zone) It’s not exaggerated when one says Vietnamese history is a history of wars. Indeed, there are not many countries on earth that have been around for thousands of years and lesser of that amount thrive against the damages of wars. Vietnam went through a countless number of wars since its dawn and the latest war just ended 4 …

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LGBT Travel in Vietnam

In general, Vietnam is considered a safe place for LGBT travellers. There is no official law prohibiting same-sex relationships in Vietnam. The general public is still strange to the concept of LGBT but they absolutely do not harass known homosexual or lesbian individuals, at least physically. PDA is not appreciated but the same goes to straight couples. An event called …

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Top 5 Museums in Vietnam

Museums are what you can not miss when visiting the big cities in Vietnam like Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City. They are important places to learn more about Vietnamese history, culture and identity. Explore Hanoi: City’s Cultural Sites War Remnants Museum, HCMC Address: 28 Vo Van Tan street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city Entrance Fee: 15,000VND Opening …

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Transportation To and From Tan Son Nhat Airport

The route from Ho Chi Minh City centre to Tan Son Nhat airport (TSN) is much easier than that in Hanoi as the airport is located right in the city. BUS Public bus from TSN airport back to the city centre is bus number 152 equipped with air-conditioner and ticket self-service. Hours: 05:45 AM to 6 PM Ticket: 5000 VND …

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“Hopital for Foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City”

Medical care and treatment are important everywhere. Whether you are in your home town or travelling to different places, you would call for medical help at any time. This is not an exception to foreign travellers in Vietnam. Since Vietnam is not an English – speaking country, looking for a hospital/clinic where competent doctors can understand English is not a …

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tan son nhat airport

Tan Son Nhat, the second international airport in Vietnam, is the most important transportation hub in the south of Vietnam. Every year, Tan Son Nhat welcomes around 20 million visitors and this number increases regularly year by year. In order to improve the quality of increasing visitors, Tan Son Nhat has been equipped with more and better services. Free Massage …

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List of Public Holidays in Vietnam for 2016

Tet holiday Tet, or Vietnamese New Year, is the most important festival of the year that falls on the first night of the new moon and in the first month of the Lunar Calendar. The official holiday lasts three days but the celebrations continue for at least seven days.  Preparations begin a week before the Tet. Families clean the home …

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HCM Opens New Bus Route 109 Connecting Airport and Downtown

new airport bus link ho chi minh

On 16th March, Southern Airport Transportation JSC and the municipal Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh welcomed the launch of a new airport bus link. The project required an investment capital of USD897,200 for six “high quality” buses that have a maximum capacity for 70 passengers (standing and seated). The journey is expected to take 45 minutes for each …

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Coffee Culture between Hanoi and Saigon

Vietnamese coffee culture

Vietnamese surely love coffee just as much as tea. One of the fascinating things is that in the North, people have a different way to drink coffee with the South. Related: Vietnamese Tea How does a Vietnamese drink coffee? I can say that Vietnamese coffee has developed a style of its own with its own way of making, its additional variations …

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Where Should You Visit? Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the 2 biggest cities in Vietnam that draw most foreign visitors. It’s great if you can visit two both cities; but if you have limited time and can choose only one, which one you should visit? No worries. The Roughguides travel site has pointed out highlights of each city with their similar and …

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