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Thung Nai, attractive destination in Hoa Binh

Thung Nai is a commune of Cao Phong District in Hoa Binh, about 25 km far from center of Hoa Binh city, where is famous for charming scenery .

In the past, this valley used to be the home to  tigers, cougars. Especially,numerous deer flocked to here to eat grasses by the streams and hillside. Therefore, people called this place Thung Nai (means the valley of deer).

Nowadays, Thung Nai is not the destination of deer anymore. However, it win tourists’ heart by pristine natural beauty and clean fresh air. The most stunning landscape is lake. The surroundings of the lake is mountain rainges in various shapes. The water is clean and clear reflecting the image of white clouds in the blue sky. All initial surrounding high mountains become floating green islands and create poetic and magnificent scenery which can enchant any tourists.

Thung Nai contains a lot of surprising things for toursits to explore. Especially featured culture of Muong ethnic minority people.

If you are an outdoor adventurers and nature lover, look no further, this is your ideal destination. Let’s admire picturesque beauty of Thung Nai through the following photos:

The perfect combination of mountains, island, blue sky, white clouds and blue vast water surface.

The lake is surrounded by mountain ranges in various shapes

The appearance of the boats embellishes the beauty of Thung Nai

The islands rising up from water surface in “Halong bay on mountain”.

The dawn in Thung Nai

Boats, the main transport in Thung Nai

Thac Bo grotto was recognized as National Heritage in 2008 by Ministry of Culture, Sports  Tourism.

Trach spring, one not-to be-missed attraction in Thung Nai in this hot season. It is the ideal natural bath with pure water source unspoiled by human.l

Mu village of the Muong ethnic minority people, 3 km away from Thung Nai wharf.

Baked fishes & chicken, specalities of Thung Nai

Thung Nai has a windmill like the one in novel “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” by great writer Cervantes. It is said that nothing better than relaxing and enjoying local specialties at “Windmill” guesthouse of Thung Nai, the only “hotel” of this place.

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