Tips for culture shock

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Culture shock is the consequence of nervousness and unbalance when we lose daily habits. This phenomenon often happens to those who travel abroad and face different culture and lifestyle in a new place. To cope with this problem, follow these tips.

1. Prepare before leaving

Any travel experts know by heart the word “Know before you go”. You are living in internet era and therefore there are various ways for you to update information about the country or destination you are travelling to such as internet, books, magazines…. When you know its regulations and taboos, you would not get shock if you collide with it at first time.

2. Contact and make a plan

Contact to reserve in advance and make a clear plan about destinations you are about to go, vehicles you are about to drive, restaurants you are about to have meals. Do not simplify this step. Check your friend list to see whether anyone of them living in the place you intend to come. If yes, they will give you a lot of useful advice.

3. Find an attraction to visit

Be open to new things. Different culture and different lifestyle do not mean that it is not good. Try to explore culture of where you travel every day and learn to love it. If possible, you should make a list of memorable things in that place. Several people get annoyed with slow lifestyle in Italy but when coming back home, they start to miss it.

4. Make new friends

Do not restrict your space in Vietnamese community, try to make friends. It is shyness make Vietnamese people difficult to integrate into international environment. There is no way to experience and enjoy a new culture better than the directions of native people. They will help you to find cheapest restaurants serving best food and stay away from scams.

5. Integration but not dissolving

Love the culture of that country doesn’t mean that you have blind deification on it. Do not turn your back on beautiful things of your culture. Receive quintessence of new culture but not imitate them without selection. Otherwise, you are sure to meet shock culture when you head back home.

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