Tue. May 28th, 2024

Vietnam to re-open international commercial flights

On April 1, Vietjet Air resumed flights to Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The airline said in a press release that weekly Friday flights will link Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City and that thirteen flights per month will operate between Hanoi and Tokyo, starting on April 6. Similarly, the regular Hanoi-Taipei route will resume on April 11 the Naoi-Seoul route on April 15.

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines has also resumed four international routes to South Korea, Japan, and Australia, starting on April 1.
In detail, Vietnam Airlines’ Hanoi-Seoul flight is scheduled for Thursdays; Hanoi-Sydney, on Saturdays, and Ho Chi Minh City-Sydney on Thursdays and Sundays. Seven Hanoi-Tokyo flights are scheduled for April, a service that will expand to twice a week starting in May.

Tickets for flights on these reopened routes are already available on the carriers’ websites.

Initially, outgoing flights from Vietnam will prioritize Vietnamese passengers seeking to study or work abroad or visit family, as well as foreigners in Vietnam seeking repatriation.

Returning flights will, as of early April, prioritize the repatriation of Vietnamese citizens, limiting non-citizen passengers to special cases in compliance with government regulations.

Prospective passengers may contact their country’s Vietnamese embassy for the latest information and required paperwork. Alternatively, Vietnam Visa Easy is prepared and excited to help you obtain a visa for Vietnam and to help you understand and comply with all appropriate regulations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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